Abstracts / Paper Submission

Abstract Submission

An up to 1 page abstract is required, including representative figures and references, in pdf format following the abstract sample. The abstracts will be published in the conference book of abstracts.

Online Abstract Submission
To submit your abstract, please follow these steps:

  1. Uncertainty quantification, Organized by C. Papadimitriou (U. Thessaly) and E. Xatzi (ETH Zurich) 
  2. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Organized by J. Tsamopoulos (U. Patras) and G. Georgiou (U. Cyprus) 
  3. Interfacial phenomena and novel applications of films, drops and bubbles, Organized by V. Bontozoglou, N. Pelekasis (U. Thessaly) and D. Papageorgiou (Imperial College)
  • In order to facilitate the reviewing process, during submission of each abstract authors will have to select one among 9 categories consisting of the above 4 mini-symposia and 5 general topics, i.e. fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, flow-structure interaction, numerical techniques or other.

Paper Submission

Selected papers, based on the previously accepted abstract, will be published by the University of Thessaly Press in the form of  a CD with its own ISBN Number. Interested authors must upload the full length article by the 30th of April 2015, extended up to a maximum of 10 pages in pdf or word format following the paper sample (Word Template, or Latex Template) by using their accounts on the EasyChair platform, https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=8gracm, to access their submission.
The full length paper can be uploaded by using the Add or update files tab on the upper right side of the page providing information regarding their submission. The Submission of the Full Paper Version field should then be used in order to upload the article.


In preparing papers to be presented in the form of a poster please note that the required paper size is A0 (i.e. 84x120 cm^2) in portrait arrangement.


The full papers submitted to the Congress can be found here.