Registration Fees

Type of participant


Senior Participant

200 €

Young Investigator (*)

100 €

Student (non-author)

30 €

Accompanying Person

50 €

* up to 35 years old


The registration process is now open via the University of Thessaly Research Committee web site, for those preferring to use the credit card option.

Alternatively payment via direct deposit is possible using the relevant University of Thessaly Research Committee’ Alpha Bank account,
ΙΒΑΝ:                             GR9301403100310002002020898
and mention FOR THE: 8GRACM(4952) as the reason for the transfer


The registration fees are mentioned in the table above. For example, a young investigator with an accompanying person should deposit via the above process a total of  150 Euro so that we can implicitly keep track of the total number of participants during the conference.


We want to inform the participants of 8GRACM that the options for early and late registration were inadvertently both kept active after the deadline for early registration had expired. As a result not all late registrations included the late fee. Consequently, in order to remedy discrepancies that resulted among registered participants we have decided to keep only the early registration option and refund the extra fee charged to the few participants that registered, or will register, after the early registration deadline.
Please also note that each additional oral presentation must be accompanied by at least one additional registration from the paper's list of authors and that each participant may present at the most one paper.